Principal and staff profiles

Welcome from our Principal

Mrs Bec Marshall, School Principal

I am privileged to lead a team of dedicated educators who are passionate about creating a safe & nurturing learning environment that fosters academic excellence, personal growth, & social responsibility.

We are committed to providing each student with the support & guidance they need to reach their full potential. Our educators strive to engage & challenge students while supporting them to become independent learners.

We are excited to work with you to support your child’s educational journey.

Meet our leadership staff

Meet our leadership staff

Stell Pytharoulis

Deputy Principal

Stell Pytharoulis, Deputy Principal

Louise McAdam


Louise McAdam, Wellbeing

Adrienne Lymn

Learning Inclusion Coordinator

Adrienne Lymn, Learning Inclusion Coordinator

Kylie Thompson

Business Manager

Kylie Thompson, Business Manager

Teaching staff

Junior Primary Special Options

Cara Andriani

Primary Special Options

Amy Sugars

Reception/Year 1

Kathy Fahy

Year 1/2

Kristen Cook

Year 2/3

Leanne Downie

Year 3/4

Krystal Pryor

Year 4/5

Danielle Loch

Year 4/5

Maryanne Rischmueller

Year 5/6

Lauren Totani

Specialist teachers

The Arts

Carmen Tetley


Chelsea Flemming

Physical Education

Carmen Tetley


Louise McAdam

Autism Inclusion Teacher

Leanne Downie

Support staff and ancillary


Brad Moore

SSO and Library Support

Cathy Nias


Cathy Pannell

Canteen Manager

Jane Jones


Janet Bourne


Janet Jones


Jo Heffernan

Grounds person

Jon Nikielski


Kristie Drury


Kylie Burge


Kylie Faul

Pastoral Care Worker

Lorena Flores