The Canteen Committee manages the Canteen on behalf of the Governing Council. The Canteen Manager is supported by volunteer members from our school community.

The Canteen is open Monday to Friday, offering Right Bite approved food and drinks at recess and lunch. Menus are available from the canteen, office, or via the link on our website.

We are excited to offer special birthday boxes to celebrate birthdays while adhering to Right Bite standards. These boxes include healthy treats to share with classmates, such as ice blocks or muffins, along with a special treat for the birthday person.

Online Ordering with Spriggy Schools:
1. Visit to register and download the app
2. Add a profile for each child, selecting SURREY DOWNS PRIMARY SCHOOL and your child’s class
3. Start placing lunch orders

Standard Lunch Orders:
– Use lunch order bags and place them in the class crate during the morning routine
– Class monitors take the crates to the canteen and collect them just before lunch for distribution by teachers

All lunch orders close at 9:15am daily.

Over-the-counter sales are available for cash purchases at recess and lunch.

Thank you for supporting our Canteen!

Canteen menu